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Mandated HIV/AIDS Curriculum


One specific policy that addresses the health and wellness of women particularly young women of color in NYC is the new NYC Department of Education HIV/AIDS Education Mandate. Although NYC public schools have had a series of mandates over the last 20 years to teach HIV prevention and comprehensive health and sexuality education they are rarely if ever followed through implemented and or evaluated. Advocates have been involved over the years in various efforts to mobilize community groups and stakeholders to be a part of the process to provide this life saving information to NYC public school students. 

 Each summer as an outreach project by the newly recruited WE SPEAK members YWCHAC hosts a day of outreach throughout the five boroughs.  An HIV/AIDS high school survey was created and disseminated to young people as a tool to gauge just how much they know about HIV/AIDS and the NYS mandate that requires that NYS public school students receive the HIV/AIDS curriculum throughout their academic careers.  Inthe past two years WE SPEAK members have collected over 1500 surveys. The data collected from the surveys help the members of the Coalition create programming and events that will be used to engage their peers family and communities.

Love & Politics
 A chic and “sexy” young professional HIV awareness and testing event held on National HIV Testing Day where young professionals learn information about HIV and the importance of protecting oneself as well as have the opportunity to voluntarily take a HIV test. The event also impresses the importance of strengthening leadership and advocacy on the part of young professionals in order to influence policy in general; with a focus on HIV/AIDS Policy in order to create change.The event is lead by Aletha Maybank, MD, MPH, Assistant Commissioner, NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, Brooklyn District Public Health Office.
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